February 6th, 2021

ALA Banned Book Week

Back in the late 1980's ALA selected scientific literature as the subject for their Annual Banned Books Week. At the time, I was a science reference librarian at the University of Georgia. With my Director's wholehearted support, we requested the 'crate' of banned science books and planning materials. Our display at the entrance of the Science Library provoked discussion and brought various facts to the campus. I would suggest that the Library of Congress, in conjunction with ALA, create another 'banned books' campaign and combine it with additional materials to address disinformation. It has been a very long time since the ALA Banned Book program had science as its theme, now is the time to do this.

Tags: Censorship

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Comments (1)

Hi Marlena:

Thanks for joining our conversation and adding this idea. I like it!

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