January 28th, 2021

Check your sources

When we go into schools to do database training, one of the first thing that we emphasize is to check your sources. A good example is to Google "Taylor Swift" and then to search in one of our biography databases. On Google, you will get her Instagram content, find out where she was last night, but not necessarily get the information that you would need for a report. A database has citations from reliable resources and has usable information. Hopefully by starting young, we are educating a future generation. A librarian's job includes media literacy, especially when working with kids and teens. When working with patrons in the library or on projects ourselves, it is important to look at who the author is and what their associations are. Is the information from a reliable source? Can you do an Internet search and back up that information so it isn't just one viewpoint?

Tags: Accuracy, Knowledge, Media, Sources, Verification

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Comments (1)

Hi Lisa:

Are the kids surprised by what they find when they look at different sources?

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