January 29th, 2021

Disinformation: Pause and Vet

I once read about a conversation between two friends on facebook, it goes like this:
Friend A: Where did you get this information you are sharing?
Friend B: someone sent it to me
Friend A: How are you sure it is correct?
Friend B: Oh, I don't know.

We might have come across this type of situation on social media. This is how disinformation gain grounds among friends. If we fail to vet, examine and sieve any information that might come our way, we are promoting disinformation. Friend A was careful in sharing the misleading information.
Most of fake news out there gained strength from multiple "unvetted" copy and paste sharing. It is not a crime should I refuse to share friends' posts, especially if I am unable to ascertain its source or authority. Misleading information (disinformation) start with each and every ability not to examine or identify its authority and origin. Misleading information tends to obscure the truth and further gain grounds when many failed to pause and vet before sharing.

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Olanike:

I couldn't agree more. Have you helped others learn how to push back on that kind of mis/disinformation? How did it go?

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Yes, I have. As a natural Helper, this is my pivot for discussions with immigrants I volunteer with under Immigrant Welcome Center, Indianapolis. For example on immigration matters, look for experts or professionals for verifications.