February 8th, 2021

Disinformation small and large require commitment and perseverance

Anyone can end up down the rabbit hole, lost and confused - from students just starting off in the "land of information" to experienced librarians and information professionals. As a public librarian I have to make sure I stay cognizant of this fact. When I practice credible source vetting it is essential that I always tell my customer what I am doing. This is a direct, somewhat subtle but consistent way to educate public library users on a day to day basis and can be used with the simple to complex reference and general library needs.

This my second week into my new position as an adult services public librarian in Pinellas Park, Florida. As I gain my footing, it is my plan to move my fight against disinformation by developing and using outreach programs with focus on consumer health information. How I will develop this outreach will be determined by the library community and its present and future needs along with the overall mission of my library.

It is my hope that as I go forward, this peer collaboration forum will provide me with tools, ideas, and support in "helping the greater community find common ground in shared facts."

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Comments (1)

Hi Katherine:

Thanks for joining our conversation and good luck in your efforts to fight disinformation. There are lots of terrific ideas in this forum and, I'm sure, the report we produce will prove helpful to you as well.

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