February 2nd, 2021

Love More To Reach More!

Hello Friends, I am a devoted champion of critical thinking skills but let's also create meaningful partnerships beyond the library & collaborate more to reach more! Chipping away at disinformation has always been at the heart of our democracy & requires the responsibility of many. However, it will now take all of us to show that LOVE is ultimately the answer by creating more equitable, just & compassionate communities. Let's start there & bring more compassion, respect & balance in this world that is totally out of balance & as adults, promise to end this eternal heartbreak & suffering. Mother Teresa once reminded us that "If We Have No Peace, It Is Because We Have Forgotten That We Belong To Each Other".

Tags: critical thinking, Democracy, Disinformation, information literacy

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Comments (1)

Hi Judith:

Thanks for joining our conversation. When you think about embarking on a journey to create more equitable, just and compassionate communities, where would you start?

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