January 28th, 2021

Making research publicly accessible

I manage an open access digital repository of statistical reports, data products, and scientific research publications for the federal government. The purpose of a government library is to provide information that is reliable, accurate, and timely. We know through web analytics that most of our users find items in the repository using Google. To compete in the digital information ecosystem of "alternative facts," we have a strict collection development and management policy ensuring that repository items are findable and accessible. All documents are machine readable, 508 compliant, and have provenance established in the properties metadata. All documents are fully indexed with a controlled vocabulary. We mint digital object identifiers for every item, enabling citation and providing a link that will always resolve to the cited document. My colleagues and I employ every available opportunity to promote the repository: content, information platform, policies and procedures. Openness and transparency are keys to gaining public trust.

Tags: Accuracy, Democracy, Public trust

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Comments (1)

Hi Mary:

Thanks for joining our conversation. That is truly enlightening. You have a strong, vetted system for cataloging reliable source material ... and then have to compete for an audience via Google. Do you find that frustrating?

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