January 25th, 2021

Media Bias

Since mainstream news sources have become increasingly partisan, I think the best way to get the "full story" is to check sources against each other. I have found a couple of sites regarding "media bias" that I like and have posted them on our Library's Facebook page to help patrons navigate the news.

They are:

allsides.com (rates different sources according to bias and compiles the top news stories of the day and how those stories are covered by left, right, and center)

ground.news (lists the major news stories of the day and demonstrates to what percentage each story was covered by left, right, and center sources)

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Comments (4)

Comments (4)

Hi Susan:

Thanks for sharing those resources. What kind of response did you get when you posted them on your FB page?

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I posted Ground News recently when there was a lot of other news going on, so middling response to that one, but allsides.com, posted in November, got some decent engagement. We also got some good engagement with this one: https://hiddentribes.us/?fbclid=IwAR0T1mTIbCAKzzEcpjeFuinAIWgY9vCOr-JwygbACWIfLBF0XSJls8wyn4A


Middling engagement on this one posted on 1/11, perhaps people not yet in "healing mode"-- https://braverangels.org/


This one also got a positive response: https://ivn.us/2018/09/27/6-podcasts-voters-fed-partisan-news?fbclid=IwAR1lEY1rKUksQ1DBmgZ1SE-DX887HYv2csF8sdMtvPADUEzwQ58uAJORrtc