January 28th, 2021

Researching information sources

I always fall back on my information literacy background to get at the facts - identify and dismiss questionable information. When working with a student or faculty member, we should be teaching them to break down the URL, conduct lateral reading, and evaluate each source for authority, accuracy, reliability, objectivity, currency, and relevance. Examining sources together while explaining the analytical process is a powerful tool. In classes, we give examples of questionable websites for students to research and analyze on their own or in pairs.

Librarians are trusted professionals and occupy a unique position from which to help others of all ages develop expertise in evaluating all the information they come in contact with. In today's world of conspiracies and spamming, our role is more important than ever.

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Comments (1)

Hi Anne:

Do you help students learn ways to guide the public to credible sources of information? Is that something that is taught? Should it be? If so, what would that look like?

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