February 9th, 2021

Start'em young and use their tools

I have worked in all types of libraries...academic, public, military, and public school. Teaching information literacy is crucial, but I also think it's is vital we use the tools our patrons use. I found that my high school students responded much better and demonstrated deeper understanding when I used social media apps in my lessons rather than the typical tools of a librarian. I still used databases, etc, but my students only engaged when I first used the apps like twitter to demonstrate the credibility (or lack thereof) and authority of tweets on a variety of topics. We talked about the authenticity of images or if the image was actually related to the text or was it simply pirated and misrepresented. I think a database of erroneous information similar to wikipedia would also be helpful so we aren't all spending time debunking misinformation but all using the same virtual location.

Tags: misinformation, Social media, Twitter

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