February 10th, 2021

The School Librarian's Role in Credible Information

The AASL Standards guide the school librarian's work in teaching media and information literacy skills to their students and also to teach students to value multiple perspectives. School librarians need to update their lessons for teaching these skills. A 2019 study from the Stanford History Education Group (https://purl.stanford.edu/gf151tb4868) found that students' website evaluation skills were "troubling." Their research shows that using acronyms (such as CRAAP) to teach evaluation and rules about 'URLs' does not work. Students need to be taught to pause before sharing, to click on links versus just reading headlines, to think critically, to use lateral reading & reverse image search to investigate information.

School librarians can also teach their students to look for and value diverse perspectives. By providing students access to diverse literature and by teaching projects that require multiple diverse perspectives, school librarians can help students develop empathy skills and skills in valuing others' opinions.

Tags: critical thinking, information literacy, media literacy

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